An Environmental Alternative for E&P Waste

Clean Waste is a fully integrated processing facility at Port Fourchon that houses proven technologies for the treatment of E&P waste, while providing operators with an alternative treatment and disposal method. These technologies can recover and recycle the waste streams and process them into materials that can be reused. The facility reduces environmental and transportation risks of waste disposal while creating an opportunity for recycling its components into beneficial, reusable products. This significantly reduces the environmental impact relative to current disposal methods, allowing operators to improve their environmental performance and mitigate and eliminate corresponding future liabilities.

Clean Waste facility

Working Together to Manage Waste

Clean Waste is part of the Chouest Family of Companies. We work hand-in-hand with several other Chouest waste-solution companies, including Total Waste Solutions, Clean Tank, Industrial Scrap Metals/Grand Isle Shipyard, and American Recovery.

Clean Waste facility interior

Committed to Safety

Clean Waste is committed to quality, health, safety, and the environment while safely taking care of waste. Our employees undergo several training procedures to fulfill this mission.

Clean Waste facility interior

Fully Qualified

Clean Waste is proud to meet the highest standards and requirments, holding several valuable permits to ensure quality waste-management service that set us apart from the competition.